From 2006 until 2011, Jerry has served as the Chairman of Connecticut Liquor Crontrol Commissioner. In addition to his service as Chairmen, Jerry has been an attorney in Connecticut for the past 20 years and still is! As an attorney, Jerry has great abbilites helping businesses in incorporating, navigating local Planning and Zoning regulations, and complying with state and local laws. Jerry Farrell, J. has also served on Wallingford's Town Council for 16 years, where he helped to enact several municipal ordinances which apply to liquor-related businesses. Farrell has great knowledge to help you out in getting licensed for liquor.

For liquor-related businesses, those seeking to get licensed, and those wanting to stay licensed, Jerry Farrell, Jr. has the skills and experience you need!

Connecticut's liquor laws and licensing requirements are complicated. The sale of liquor is a highly-regulated business. There are many state and federal laws that must be complied with, both in opening such a business, such as a package store, a restaurant, or a hotel and in maintaining such a business.  

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