Our Services

New Applications

If you're interested in opening and operating a restaurant, package store, brewery, or any establishment that's involved in the liquor industry, Jerry can provide the guidance, expertise, and advice you'll need to succeed. Jerry works with clients to prepare applications for new liquor licenses. This includes determining which of 60 different types of liquor license a client should apply for, obtaining necessary approvals and gathering the documentation that must accompany each new application before it can be submitted to the Liquor Control Commission. This may also include applying for a provisional liquor permit if you wish, which could allow your business to start serving liquor before the final permit is issued. 

Compliance Meetings & Hearings

Do you already have a liquor permit and find yourself with a notice from the Liquor Control Commission regarding an alleged violation at your establishment? As an attorney, Jerry is very experienced in administrative law and appears before the Liquor Control Commission, for clients who have been charged with violations of the Liquor Control Act. This may mean an informal pre-hearing, known as a Compliance Meeting, or a more formal hearing before the Commission, where witnesses testify and are cross-examined.  

Complex Statutory & Regulatory Analysis

Every business involved in the sale of liquor has questions about how to best comply with the complex liquor laws and regulations. Jerry has worked with package stores, wholesalers, grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses to figure out how the laws and regulations may affect business plans and operations to arrive at the best solutions. 

Working with Other Attorneys

Jerry understands that individuals and businesses may have existing relationships with attorneys. In complex transactions, he is used to working with a business' existing attorneys, concentrating on the liquor licensing and liquor law issues. Jerry can tailor the extent of his services to match a client's needs.